Extra Butter x New Balance x GBTF Pop Up Opening

photography by: Sharon Marrero 

designing this Halo was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  and as per usual, it was the best of times...and it was the worst of times. 

when New Balance called me to be a design partner on their collaboration with Extra Butter's trail inspired pop-up, i was totally all in.  i mean, who gets to design with both one of their favorite brands AND favorite shops?  

things i didn't consider at the time of agreement:
the conductor would not be around to design this Halo, since he was with Kanye.
we would have to find a few bands that we didn't have, to produce the order.
my AI skills were at a strong 2 and that i would be creating my own assets. 

the design process was smooth, seamless and easy.  New Balance led the vision, giving me a sh*tload of artwork to play with, then let me go to work. i opened the tech pack, found my inspiration in the struggle, and then got on youtube.  

long story short - i banged out the design.  

New Balance loved it, they cut the check, i didn't get evicted and the above happened.  

2016 was awesome.  

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