#MillennialParenting: The First Five vs. The Last Five


Listen up.  

Parenting is all cute and sh*t, when your babies are small and life is all about organic chicken nuggets and creating tiny looks.  

But when high school hits and that baby turns into a 5"9 black man in Trump's America, who isn't afraid to touch the flame - life can get VERY real. 

I was reading my morning devotional (because that's the type of dedication you have to have to the Word if you want to survive millennial parenting) which included two sets of five messages that author Dr. Tim Elmore focused on with his kids. 

First Five Years at Home

1. You are loved.
2. You are safe.
3. You are valuable.
4. You are uniquely gifted.
5. You are supported.

Last Five Years at Home 

1. Life is difficult. 
2. You are not in control.
3. You are not that important. 
4. Your life is not about you. 
5. You're going to die one day and leave a legacy. 

I am going to frame this. 

Jazerai LordComment