11 Black Women Lost Their Lives for Saying 'NO'

11 black women lost their lives for saying no to their partners.

let that sink in

Tiarah Poyau.

Janese Talton-Jackson.

Cherica Adams.

 Jessica Hampton.

Stephanie Goodloe.

Mary Spears.

Nokuthula Thashe.

Kasandra Perkins.

Nova Henry.

April Jace.

Julia Martin.

Have you heard these names before? Why aren't we talking about this? Why weren’t they given justice? Listen to their stories. 

Tiarah Poyau -- Tiarah, 22, was minding her business and having fun with friends at the J'Ouvert festival in Brooklyn. Who would've known that festival would be her last. Tiarah was shot in the face after telling a man to stop grinding on her.

Janese Talton-Jackson -- Janese, 29, didn't want to go home with a  random guy after the bar. As a result she was shot by a man outside of a bar after he tried, on multiple occasions, to get her to leave with him.

Cherica Adams -- Cherica, 24, from was shot by her NFL boyfriend, Ray Carruth, because she was 8 months pregnant with his child. He hired a hit-man because she didn't want to get an abortion. 

Jessica Hampton -- Jessica was a 25-year-old mom who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend while riding a Chicago subway. The two got into a disagreement and he decided stabbing was a solution.

Stephanie Goodloe -- Stephanie was having trouble with her boyfriend and filed a restraining order weeks before he popped up at her home. After refusing to let him in, she was shot to death. 

Mary Spears -- Mary, 27, was out with her man when a dude asked for her number. Mary refused (rightfully so) and the guy shot and killed her.

Nokuthula Thashe -- Nokuthula was a woman from South Africa, who was shot by her boyfriend because she turned down his marriage proposal. 

Kasandra Perkins -- Kasandra, 22, refused her NFL star boyfriend Jovan Belcher to have full custody of their daughter after their split. Jovan shot Kasandra then shot himself.

Nova Henry -- Nova was the ex-girlfriend of former Chicago Bulls player Eddy Curry. The couple was going through a custody battle when Nova hired her attorney. Nova and her 10-month-old baby girl was shot by her lawyer after she fired him.

April Jace -- April was a 40-year-old runner who was shot in the legs by her husband after he suspected she was having an affair because she wanted a divorce.

Julia Martin -- Julia, 27, was killed by her ex-fiance after she called him over to her house to give him back the engagement ring he purchased for her. 

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