One Time For Indiana University's Stance on Sexual Assault

This past week the NFL draft occurred. Among those drafted there were several players who had either pending, active or closed investigations regarding either sexual assault or domestic abuse. Included in that were some players who went in the higher rounds of the draft which basically guarantees them a spot on an NFL roster. That just somehow doesn't seem right.

Which is why Indiana University has decided to do something.

The university has decided to adopt a policy that will ban any student athlete that:

has pled guilty or no contest to a felony involving sexual violence,

or found responsible for sexual violence by any prior secondary school.

These students will be banned from being allowed to receive athletic-related financial assistance or potentially banned from competitions/games or practice. Essentially, Indiana is telling all of it's student athletes that enough is enough

The campus recently did a survey, in which 17% of the women interviewed said that they were a victim of an actual rape or an attempted rape.

Those numbers almost mirror the Bureau of Justice Statistics numbers. That matched with the coordinator of Title IX for Indiana coming under investigation for sexual assault left the school no choice. 

The real question in this matter is will the policy actually be enforced or is it just an act done to gather public support and quiet the public’s angst? Also, will any other Big Ten conference schools follow suit, or is Indiana the only one due to being the only one with a public need to address in regard to sexual violence.