Color Blocks Polish Makes Me Smile


Last week I took a trip down to TownleyGirl's HQ to host a pretty cool Facebook Live with an old friend of mine, Carissa Rossi.  The topic of conversation was parenting in the digital age, what it's like being awkward and awesome and being a queen - with or without a king. 

I had a pretty rough start that day and in typical Jazzy fashion, got alllll the way to the other side of the ferry before I looked down at my hands and said...

'You forgot to do your nails and you're about to go live talking about being a queen.


I text Carissa with my emergency (because THAT'S what a queen does - reach out to her friends for help) and she immediately prepped a nail station for me, complete with a donut for my morning hunger. Thanks, babygirl. 

I know Townley Girl is supposed to be for budding princesses, but I am legit obsessed with the Color Blocks Polish they gifted me to fix my ratchet situation.  The tri-colored bottle is reminiscent of Mondrian, with a fun, flirty and girly twist.  

When applied, the effect is slightly marbleized, but remains true to the base color.  To check the Color Blocks Polish out in detail before it hits a million shelves, watch the vid!

I have a few more reviews of the things I unboxed for your babies that will be posted under Home Life in the coming weeks, thank you so much to Townley Girl got having me!