Daily Word: You Already Are

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have fallen to the floor and prayed to God for 'more'. More patience. More blessings. More grace. More money.  To be honest, the fictional land of 'more' never really had a complete description - and if the vision isn't clear...how did I ever expect to reach the promised land?

But, I digress...

Last week I was working on my vision board when I decided to go to God and start practicing the art of 'speaking and believing', a lesson accredited to my God-fearing mother.  I began to make direct asks for changes in my life and after each ask, He provided the same answer; "You already are." 

Me: I want to make more money.

God: 6 months ago you almost got evicted.

You already are.

Me: Okay, but I want to do it by helping people in a REAL way.

God: Look at the response to your book.

You already are. 

Me: I want TO provide a better life for my kids.

God: 3 years ago you lived with your baby sister in the middle of Canoga Park.

Today, you live in ON THE WATER. YOU ALREADY ARE.


It's amazing how much perspective three words from The Most High can give you.  

The feeling of being humbled covered my heart quicker than the excuses could come out of my mouth, as I quickly understood the lesson God was teaching me....

that we have to recognize the journey and be okay with where we are.

 It's so easy for us to get caught up in the matrix. In the blink of an eye, even the most grounded, creative soul can get lost in the sauce of this fast life. The number of dreams in your head can often equate to the number of obstacles you face and if you're not careful moonchild, you may end up running on fumes while unsure of what you're chasing.

This week, take a break from trappin' to pause and wait on God.  Listen to what He has to say and be ready to learn the lessons the Universe is trying to teach you.  Appreciate how far you've come and create a detailed map for where you're going next.  You gotta make sure the vision is clear before you ask God to f*ck with it.