Top 5 Apps that Keep the Peace


1. The Bible App by YouVersion

Next to iMessage, this is by far the most used app on my phone.  The best part of this app is the extremely relatable bible studies and devotionals.  Though I was brought up in the church, the Word was never really 'exciting' to me.  Honestly, they became passages I memorized but didn't know.  The Bible App has given me a newfound understanding for the Word of God, making it wayyyy easier to keep Petty White on the backburner.   

2. Headspace - Meditation Made Simple

For years, everyone and their mom has been telling me that meditation was the path to the future. For years, I thought I was smarter than the kooks in my life and never gave it a shot.  One night, in a state of half boredom / half depression, I finally downloaded the Headspace App and promised myself to give it 10 days. Nowadays, I can't stop. 

Meditation gave me the ability to pause before I make impulsive decisions, like blow the check on a pair of grails or cuss someone out.  It also slows down my creative process and my overall LIFE, giving me the patience I need to be able to stay prayed up.

3. Evernote

Evernote keeps my life organized, pulling together all of the loose ends and keeping the crazy nice and tight. I have multiple folders to separate the many projects I am working on, from #GBTF to my household budget.  The chat function makes it easy to share ideas and communicate with my team, and it sync across all devices - just as seamlessly as the iCloud drive. 

4. Pacifica - Manage Stress. Live Happier.

While Headspace is my favorite meditation app, Pacifica does a better job of tracking your moods.  If you are someone like me who tends to go from 0 to 100 real quick, it's important to track what is going on around you, as well as your reaction and mood surrounding the situation. Pacifica does a great job of doing that, and it syncs with the Health app..which is super cool to a tech nerd like me.

5. Mint - Personal Finance Manager

If you can't be in control of your money and emotions, you can't be in control of your life. Mint tracks the types of purchases that you make, as well as gives you an estimated budget to keep you in line.  It also sends you alerts if you are nearing your spending limit, as well as runs reports on your annual spending versus earning.  

Get woke to your finances.  Stop buying the same chains they enslaved us with. 




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